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First Post, New Site

Hey everyone, welcome to my new site. I have created this site to broadcast myself and my products. This will be the new home for all of my products. I will begin removing my products from other sites as this site becomes more accessible. My name is Schad Lloyd and I am a maker, painter, sculptor, and general creative. I love dark fantasy and science fiction. Mostly I am a painter but there will be lots of other types of projects that end up here. I am an uncertain living situation so I am not sure how often I will be able to post early on, but I want to slowly ramp up the more I am able to rely on income from my art. I am happy to be finally launching a site please take a look around. You can also check out my Patreon to support me and get exclusive merchandise.

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with my payment processor at the moment so it is temporarily down but all of my items are also for sale at my etsy: Schad Lloyd Fine Art SchadLloydFineArt - Etsy Shop Original oil paintin

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